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Haunted Midnights @ The World Famous Comedy Store
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Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale
SUBMITTED BY: chateau grrr COMMENTS: 0
SUBMITTED ON: December 2, 2010 9:23 am

From filmmaker Jalmari Helander comes a bloody tale of Christmas gone awry: Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale!

We were very intrigued when an early trailer for this film made its debut on large theatre-chain screens. Ironically, this film has a limited initial release in very select theatres around the country. Click here for a listing of the cities, art house theatres, and dates for Rare Exports

Poster for Rare Exports

We did some digging and have tried to bring you all the pertinent information in one place (the official website lacks some behind the scenes info).

Official Trailer:

Start with watching the trailers and teasers below. They give hints that the most beloved children's figure of all time, Santa Claus, is not quite as lovable as we'd once believed. They allude to a much older and more severe tale of Father Christmas set in a contemporary world of science and greed.

Official website


Archaeologists digging in the Korvatunturi Mountains of Finland on Christmas Eve unearth a very rare and wondrous find... the real Santa Claus.

When children from the local village turn up missing and Santa is suspected of gobbling them up (we thought he preferred gingerbread biscuits!), archaeologist Rauno (Jorma Tommila) decides to try to sell the remarkable, flesh-eating discovery back to the people that funded the dig.

But being the rare and wonderful creature of nature he is, Santa has help from the outside: his elves dash to his rescue.


The Helander brothers, Jalmari and Juuso, came up with the story some time ago and created several gorgeous shorts around the idea that a small company existed in Finland called Rare Exports. The company, comprised of three elite members, handled the capture and export of Father Christmases.

Instead of there just being one Santa Claus, the Helander Brothers conceived that many existed, but they required a great deal of skill to track, capture, and train in order to send out to the rest of the world as proper shopping mall Santas.

In their stunning shorts, humor subtly infringes on the dark topics of bagging and training a Saint Nick as well as the dangers of behaving improperly in the presence of a Father Christmas while transporting one.

Below are the two shorts directed by Jalmari. Notice that several of the actors from these shorts will appear in the upcoming full-length feature, Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale, but it looks as though Santa will not be played by the spritely devilish Otso Tarkela.

Rare Exports, Inc (2003)

Rare Exports: The Official Safety Instructions (2005)

direct youtube link

A bit about the Korvatunturi Mountains (from Wikipedia):

"Korvatunturi" translates to "Ear Fell" in Finnish. "Fell" is a mountain or mountain range.

Korvatunturi is the place where Father Christmas (or Joulupukki in Finnish) lives.

This legend comes from a children's radio show called Markus-sedn lastentunti ("Children's hour with Uncle Markus") hosted by Markus Rautio and broadcast by the Finnish Broadcasting Company between years 1927 and 1956. Uncle Markus told children that from this "Ear Fell" Father Christmas can hear what all the children are saying so he can find out if the children behave and obey their parents (and therefore may receive gifts next Christmas).

For mail to Father Christmas Korvatunturi has postal code 99999 Korvatunturi, even though all mail sent to this address will actually be carried to Santa Claus Village at Rovaniemi.

The legend that Santa hails from the "Ear Fell" is an important plot point in Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale.

Cast and Crew

Directed by Jalmari Helander

Produced by Petri Jokiranta

Screenplay by Jalmari Helander

Story by Jalmari Helander, Juuso Helander


Tommi Korpela
Per Christian Ellefsen
Ville Virtanen
Jorma Tommila
Jonathan Hutchings
Onni Tommila
Risto Salmi
Peeter Jakobi
Rauno Juvonen
Ilmari Jrvenp

Music by Juri Sepp

Cinematography by Mika Orasmaa

Editing by Kimmo Taavila

Studio Agns b. Productions

Distributed by FS Film Oy (Finland)

Release date(s): Sep 24, 2010 at Austin Fantastic Fest, Dec 3, 2010in Finland

Countries: Finland, Norway

Languages: Finnish, English

And if you've taken the time to read our blog post down this far, we really appreciate it. As a small token of thanks for being a part of our dark community, here are some cute links to get your blood boiling on this fine December morning. Full of ridiculously large leaps in logic, the loosest bible interpretations since Revelations, and terrific grammatical errors, we give you

Santa as Satan!!

These are all essentially the same, so pick one or pick them all! Enjoy!!

SANTA CLAUS: The Great Imposter

Santa Claus is Satan!

Santa Claus and Satan's Cause

Santa or Satan?

And finally, a nice Christian-to-Christian beat down of these idiots:

Santa or Satan? Reply to a Funny Fundamentalist

FOUND IN: journal of chateau grrr , Movies
TAGS: rare exports a christmas tale santa evil bloody indie horror film elves spirit finnish finland archaeology
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